Thursday, September 30, 2010

Orginizations That Help People In Need

"Blessed Moment" & "Treasure the Moment" - Em-Ka & Sussie

wonderful, compelling, wonderful ... etc ... it is precisely this new collab and Gretel Marzenki! Girls
created something truly magical!
Absolutely beautiful wedding accessories and perfectly matched to give the paper an infinite number of creative possibilities!
kit is available at the store ScrapbookGraphics .

And here's my work:


"Blessed Moment" by Em-Ka

"Moment to Treasure" by Sussie

Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Insert Jpeg File In Autocad

"These Precious Moments"

"These Precious Moments" is another beautiful set of Dydyge!

's my job:

thank you very much Iveta: *

"These Precious Moments" by Dydyge Design

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blue Print Of A Boiler

the blonde in black

Today almost entirely in black (no, I'm in mourning). Yesterday I received a gift hat and I love it. The rest of my outfit is a bit masculine style. Have a great weekend;)

Today I'm almost totally black. Yesterday I get as a present this hat. It is my new love. The rest of my outfit is in a bit of male style. Have a nice weekend:)

hat - vintage
tee - zara jacket
- sh
jeans - c & a
scarf - c & a
bag - shoes
ccc - ccc
bracelet - new yorker

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Farewell Party Invitation Format



I begin my adventure with blogging. Rather or later, it was inevitable, because I depend on websites, blogs and magazines on the subject of 'fashion', not to mention shopping;)
First mix update these pics that are my inspiration. For me, each has a unique atmosphere ...

Yes, I am totally in love with the 50 - and 60-ties;)

These pictures are not my property, come from various foreign parties, including and others.

Soon my first picture;)

Hi! I'm
starting to create my blog.

At the beginning mix of some photos which are my inspiration.
Yes, I love 50's and 60's ;)
I'll show my first outfit soon.

Photos from and others.