Monday, May 23, 2011

Metal Core Ml 2 Schematics


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fat Funny Wedding Invitations

Once again a very long time but did not write when I did not take pictures, the weight of credits at school and in various cases meant that blogging life must go on odstawkę. I hope that now I will have more time for blogging and taking photos.
set straight from today's walk. Feel the summer!

conclude that it was brilliant. At the moment I would go back there, maybe someday I can. Hope is.
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Sports comfortably straight

theme of the day


pants A little hair cut, I did once again (this time successful) ombre hair, which I personally very to my liking. Picture not as nice as it made in the morning, but not painted her hair combed, for which I apologize in advance. In fact, they are less rude, more blond.
Spring set:


In the so-called 'interim' I was on osiemnastce friend. Unfortunately, few photos is 'where'.
So I add those that may come to light.

Friday, May 20, 2011

How Do You Know When Scorpio Does Not Like You

Wool and Sheep - Merino

Sheep played a major role in the development of human civilization. Together with goats and pigs were domesticated in the Neolithic period 10,000 years years ago in the Middle East (present-day territory of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel).
Merino sheep
merino history is the history of various genetic crosses. Sheep from Asia Minor, found their way through the Phoenicians to North Africa in about the twelfth century were in Spain with the Moors. In the next two centuries These sheep have been crossed with sheep from England.
From the twelfth century Spain was known for its high quality wool, allowing it to monopolize the then production knitting for the period from the twelfth to the sixteenth century. The main source of income of Castile in the late Middle Ages was the wool trade with Flanders and England.
the eighteenth century to the export of merino from Spain in this country was punished by death. However, since this century, a small amount of merino sheep were exported to other European countries. And so in 1723, these animals were in Sweden, in the second half of the century Saxony, Prussia and Hungary. In 1786, Louis XVI received 366 sheep bred on a farm king at Rambouillet. After crossing the English longhaired sheep they have become a new odmiandziewierstwa podstwą of voting helped the French sheep.
The collapse of the English knitting contributed to the Napoleonic wars, and since 1810 the industry based on the pile of merino moved to Germany, USA and Australia.
South Africa was the first country outside Europe, which were grown Merino. The history of these sheep on the African continent began in 1789, the year of the outbreak of the French Revolution, when the Dutch government offered two rams and four sheep Colonel Jacob Gordon then serving in the army in South Africa. Previously these sheep, derived from the famous Escorial Merino flock, were present English king (who had the exclusive right to export merino) for the Dutch crown. However, weather conditions in Holland were not conducive to the development of animal and why they found their way to Colonel Gordon, who started rearing them on a farm in Groenkloof, 55 km from Cape Town.
In South Africa are grown now 25 million sheep, of which account for almost half Merino (14.5 million). The ability to produce high-quality Merino wool is unique. One sheep is able to "produce" the quantity of wool corresponding to 10-15 per cent until the animal's weight. Merino sheep are present in almost all regions of the country, especially in the Northern Cape, Western Cape, but also in Kwazulu Natal.

However, the greatest producer of merino wool is out of Australia, where the traditions of sheep breeding and crossbreeding of different species from the mid-eighteenth century. In 2005 Australia produced nearly 25% of world production, China has been further (18%), New Zealand (11%) and Argentina (3%).

Places For Gay Nj Cruising


not written a long time, but I had a lot of science and completely did not have time for blogging. So far I do not have any photos outfits, but instead I present below some of the things that have recently bought.

cute bag project bills Eve:

my favorite paints a perfect summer kolorkach:

colors in the photo a bit biased, in fact: 1) the mint, 2) coral, 3) yellow, 4) gray-brown

white Converse was on my spring list of "must have"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Perth Gay Cruising Locations

fine linen or silk sea

Few people probably have heard about something like that, what is called a linen or silk sea. After the laborious process of spinning it looks like this and immediately know that its name comes from the silky luster.
fine linen was known in Europe for centuries and was considered the most expensive antiquity and średniwiecza fabric. made with the very thin and delicate fabrics. The main center of production was Taranto in Italy, but also to Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica. He also was known in Persia, Asia Minor, China and Egypt.
silk threads come from the marine bivalve species, mainly marine Pinna nobilis (noble przyszynka). Mussels produce the so-called. bisiorowych glands, located at the base legs, cieniuteńkie collagen fibers with a length of several centimeters through which attach themselves to the ground.
linen fiber thickness is about 120 microns and is similar to the thickness of nylon and at least 10 times less than the finest natural fibers such as cashmere thinnest.
For bisiorowej 200-200 grams of yarn had to dive at about 1,000 clams.
In the eighteenth century fashion accessories bisiorowa was so delicate that a pair of gloves was located in the shell of a walnut.
Production of maritime silk is performed only on the island of Sardinia near Sant Antioco and only for use in the repair of exhibits in museums. He is the professor. Chiara Vigo, a major global expert in marine silk.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Son Has Cold, Pink Eyelids


mmmniam chocolate shake

Opportunities For Free Clinics Swot Analysis


yesterday took me to a friend restaurant with breathtaking views of New York:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pokemon Rom White Screen


sweater - vintage strip
- Massimo Dutti
shorts - topshop
glasses - ray-ban

beautiful sky over Warsaw (photo taken cell)

Monday, May 2, 2011

What Do Ringworm On Testicles Look Like

polly styrene 53

X RAY SPEX: discoteca básica - Germ Free Adolescentes

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Resistance Spinning Bike Squeeking


sketchujemy of U