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fine linen or silk sea

Few people probably have heard about something like that, what is called a linen or silk sea. After the laborious process of spinning it looks like this and immediately know that its name comes from the silky luster.
fine linen was known in Europe for centuries and was considered the most expensive antiquity and średniwiecza fabric. made with the very thin and delicate fabrics. The main center of production was Taranto in Italy, but also to Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica. He also was known in Persia, Asia Minor, China and Egypt.
silk threads come from the marine bivalve species, mainly marine Pinna nobilis (noble przyszynka). Mussels produce the so-called. bisiorowych glands, located at the base legs, cieniuteńkie collagen fibers with a length of several centimeters through which attach themselves to the ground.
linen fiber thickness is about 120 microns and is similar to the thickness of nylon and at least 10 times less than the finest natural fibers such as cashmere thinnest.
For bisiorowej 200-200 grams of yarn had to dive at about 1,000 clams.
In the eighteenth century fashion accessories bisiorowa was so delicate that a pair of gloves was located in the shell of a walnut.
Production of maritime silk is performed only on the island of Sardinia near Sant Antioco and only for use in the repair of exhibits in museums. He is the professor. Chiara Vigo, a major global expert in marine silk.


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