Friday, February 25, 2011

Can You Use A Blade Sever As A Normal Computer

Wydziergane ....

As a man bored they come to him some ideas ... and what am I so bored, I sat in front of a computer and the stuff I watched the various parties with beautiful pictures, oh, it was something to see ... until I found a photo on which it was a beautiful boy, crochet knitted czapusi
:-) Yes, I liked that this hat that I decided to knit something similar for my son ... Although I never knitted but I think I coped quite pretty :-)
important thing is that my child is satisfied with the cap ... and found that for dad do you have to do this :-))

little Kacperek marudziƂ the shooting, he fled to a dark corner of the room ... so the pics are what they are .. :-)


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