Thursday, October 7, 2010

How To Get Babies To Clear Phlegm

I love my scarf...

pictures taken today, the fast before leaving. Sorry for the background, but outside the home today, who would have me to do photos.

I love to play with all kinds of scarves and wear them in creative ways. I feel that when the alleged spranych jeans shawl over their shoulders all at once it looks more elegant, but it is still suitable for people of my age.

During the holidays started Hermes is a campaign "J'aime mon carre". The obvious intent is to promote the company's expensive headscarves, but for me it is primarily mine for inspiration. I recommend to all those who have not yet visited the biggest impression on me did the style of Ella , maybe because I love France and everything associated with it.

Photos Have Been Taken Quickly today before going out: D I'm sorry for background but today only at home I could find a photographer;)
I love using all kinds of scarves and 'wearing' them in many different ways. It Seems That old with skinny jeans outfit looks smartly but still appropriate for young person.
I recommend everyone   It' s source of inspiration. I admire Ella's style :) maybe just because I adore everything which is french :D

scarf - tatuum
blouse - reserved
jeans - vero moda
shoes - ccc
bracelet - reserved


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