Thursday, October 14, 2010

Itunes Wont Let Me Drag Songs To Playlists


Cult debilóide do marketeiro Herschell Gordon Lewis no qual uma garage band (Blues Faded, de Chicago), renamed by entrepreneur trickster Big Blast, gained notoriety and fame in enferninhos midnight, sweaty and red curtains. The businessman, good looking, the band fag arming a party fueled by drugs and women (Marofa). Busted a weapon with the help of a detective brachola, restraining further embarrassment for the boys. Through blackmail, a bond of eternal submission connects the band to its patrons. The rockers, rocking the pout, discover, moreover, that are being blatantly ripped off. A riot of musicians, playing drunk and happy in a television show, sleazy businessman pushes for financial debacle. The band finally enjoy the freedom to go back to playing in crowded bars of house-owners through a breach of covenant. One of the worst bomb Gordon Lewis, a kind of A Hard Days Night without a script.


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