Thursday, October 14, 2010

Indian Chudithar Cutting

in Wonderland

Photos from this morning, were made during a private meeting:) Here I would like to thank the person who was now on the other side of the lens: ***
Unfortunately, it was cold and cloudy, and now the sun is shining so beautifully, I hope that will last as long as golden autumn ...
Today show my autumn jacket:) I love the color and quilting \u0026lt;3 However, the title of this post concerns the colorful fountain i szachownicy, które są w tle ;)

Pics were made in the morning during very nice meeting :) Thank you very much my Photographer :***
Unfortunately it was unpleasently cold and cloudy but now it's sunny, I hope that indian summer will last for a long time...
Today I show jacket which I'm wearing in fall :) I love this colour and quilting <3 The title of this post is about colorful fountain and chessboard which are in the background ;)

jacket, scarf - Tatuum
jeans, cap - c & a
bag - diverse


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