Saturday, October 9, 2010

When Is Best To Wax Before A Holiday?

Levri SANG - LIPS OF BLOOD, Jean Rollin

The substitution occurs in is possibly the passage of people to another plane, impersonal, which exceeds the particular circumstance to embrace a common human species : a Freudian reading of desires. Thus, more than allude to a single contingency, the imaginary figure of the ruined castle at the edge a sea of \u200b\u200bfantasy, looking at youth, with his mother accomplice, reference and is expanding the experience of the protagonist, giving universal gravity. It is precisely for that conduct such an extension Lèvres de Sang (Lips of Blood, 1975, the English title) may be considered a mask in the tradition of Bataille, Sade and Nietzsche. Although everything is said directly, with a clarity that rarely gives to statements elusive. There is nothing in the development of the film, which bypass the reading of the central purposes of the narrative: it is a story stripped and dry - so the opposite of Jesus Franco - who avoids outright expressive, psychological subterfuge fugitive or any other order. In this respect, the film Jean Rollin is strictly realistic. Realism of the narration contrasts, however, with the unreality of scenes narrated. To start with the characters living in a different universe, where everything - or almost everything - happens according to the imperatives of desire.


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