Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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cotton belts

this sweater are three types of cotton, combined with double yarn and knitted No. 6 One of these yarns are Amalfi Debbie Bliss (70% cotton, 15% viscose, 10% linen and 5% silk, 50 g moteczek is 100 meters long). The other two strands - a Polish 100% cotton, but I do not have accurate data.

cardigan Width - 42 cm, length from the shoulders - 54 cm. Pictured front are gaining
54 mesh.
10 rows of stitching the French do (on both sides of the knit).
next 10 rows:
PS - Boundary nieprzerabiane eye, 20 left, 12 right, 20 left, mesh boundary.
LS - nieprzerabiane boundary mesh, 20 right, 12 left, 20 right, mesh boundary. In the 11th
row (right side) we manufacture tail:
nieprzerabiane boundary mesh, 20 left, three take off on a wire mesh supporting the back of the work, knit 3, 3 wire mesh support translate back to the left wire and we process them on the right. Next we process 20 meshes left and the last boundary. Then we process
12 rows just like the first ten rows after the "ribbing" PS
Fr shore, 20 l, 12 p, 20 l, o. shore. LS
o. shore, 20 p, 12 l, 20 on shore.

we process 2 more segments of the tail, which is some 28 rows (or three, if the sweater is to be longer).
After crossing the last two rows of braid, and we begin to podkrój to the neck. We must first finish
center 12 stitches from the moment i do the two parts of the two clusters karczka yarn. To do podkrój
the neck, in which we process the second row along the third and 2 eyelet from the end of my knitting on the left side and 2 and 3 eyelet from the end on the right side karczka. The procedure can be repeated 3 times. By the end we process then straight ahead and finish on the shoulders of all equally all of the mesh.
back doing the same as the front, only in the first immediately after the "ribbing" the French add one mesh before the tail, and immediately after her tresses. Wink is adding to the transverse branch between the eyes. and we process to the right. At the end of needlework (right before the end of all the mesh on the shoulders), these two additions eyes send down to the very bottom. It looks like "flying" eye in the stockings.

Sew sweater on his shoulders and both sides are gaining mesh on the sleeves (for me around 1928-1930 mesh). Middle 8 Mesh doing right, the rest to the left. Twisted braid this time only one (any) page. Practically, we do straight sleeves approximately 20 cm. Last 8-10 rows - knit French.
Around her neck are gaining a round wire mesh and make a few centimeters of rib 1 x 1 or 2 x 2


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