Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dr Sears Six Month Feeding Schedule

Ewan Pearson: remixeur, producteur, dj, what else?

Cassy - RAS
Jeu 04/14/2011 - Cassy all night long (Cocoon - Perlon - DE) - Cassy offers a new appointment,''Rhythm Aid Society.'' more info / presale

45 at the Rex Club

Sat 30.04.2011 - EWAN Ewan Pearson: remixer, producer, DJ, what else? (Mercy - Kompakt - DE) NINA Kraviz (Rekids - UK) MISS CORA (Buzzin'fly - Throne Of Blood - FR) - For this new evening 45, Miss Caro has chosen to surround himself with Ewan Pearson and Nina Kraviz.

more info presales

Sun, 01.05.2011 - After Show 45 at the Fair Throne - Mlle Caro & REMAIN all day long more info

chris clark

Known for his soft voice and intoxicating and his minimal compositions and fine felted she answered an interview for Rexorama here - To visit the new site Me. Download just for you his set during his last shift at the Rex Club.
Ewan Pearson: remixer, producer, DJ, what else?


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