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PALE ROSES - "Unveiled"

Rage in Eden Records digipack CD 2011

(RIE79/EAN 5908256880115)

PALE ROSES is a neofolk project originated from France. It is based on music of the acoustic guitar, the piano and vocals. The lyrics have been inspired by history (the First and the Second World Wars), mythology (Celtic, Nordic and Greek). The presented album is the second official release by Pale Roses, contains 11 tracks about the war, melancholy and the pagan origins of Europe similar to SOL INVICTUS, FIRE+ICE, DEATH IN JUNE, CURRENT 93 or STRENGTH THROUGH JOY. The album’s cover has been designed by Łukasz Pawlak, REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL

Artist’ bio:

Pale Roses have been playing neo-folk since the mid 2000’s. Back to basics is their motto: acoustic guitar or bass, a bit of piano, classic songwriting. Do not expect orchestral or experimental parts! There are few. Lyri cs are usually inspired by History (first and second world wars), Mythology (Celtic, Norse or Greek), or Fantasy OCCULTISM ("Pale Roses" was a short story by Michael Moorcock) and British murder ballads. The bands and albums That influenced Pale Roses are: Sol Invictus ("In The Rain"), Fire and Ice ("Birdking"), Death In June "(" Rose Clouds of Holocaust "), Current 93 (" Soft Black Stars ") , Strength Through Joy ("The Force of Truth and Lies"). Of course, if Pale Roses are ready to pay Their dues to the Founders of the neo-folk genre, it is not forbidden to mention Also Nick Drake, Nico or Richard Thompson (but without the virtuosity) as influences.

PALE ROSES, a project with France playing neofolk. Based primarily on playing acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. The texts are inspired by history (first and second world war), mythology (Celtic, Norse and Greek). Presented is the second official album, Pale Roses album, 11 songs about the war, melancholy and the pagan roots of Europe in the style of Sol Invictus, FIRE & ICE, DEATH IN JUNE, CURRENT 93, or Strength Through Joy. The cover was designed by Lukasz Pawlak REQUIEMSTUDIO

Arnaud Spitz - all guitars, bass and vocals.

Benoît Sangoď - sounds and percussion.


Pale Roses - "Unveiled" Rage in Eden Records digipack CD 2011

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VOIDWORK - "Basement"

Rage in Eden Records digipack CD 2011

(RIE80/EAN 5908256880122)


“Basement” is dark wave/ambient release revolving around variations of a central musical theme. As the album progresses, the melodies become less apparent and the tone of the songs becomes darker and more abstract. Varied yet coherent, a part of the story is told by each individual track, culminating in the auditive equivalent of a short horror story.
Featuring Guest vocal contributions by Ann-Mari Thim (ARCANA), Melissa Ferlaak, Zuberoa Aznarez and Sven Houflijn

Artwork by Venenum Photography and mastering by Philippe Lombaer

The story:

“Basement” tells the fictional story of 1920’s Lichford, a small town in New England. Ever since a sinister man by the name of Horace Pinkerton took up residence in the old Mound estates, strange things have been happening. Lurid lights, sordid sounds, mysterious movements, … The people of Lichford are frightened. And so on the evening of the 21st of October 1924, the town decides to investigate. They enter the Pinkerton house only to discover the terrible abominations he has kept there for the past years. Though Horace himself is nowhere to be found, one of the men discovers a diary that holds much of the forbidden knowledge its author had amassed. Horrified by what they find, the townspeople light their torches and burn the estates to the ground. But as the flames claw at the night sky, a storm from the East carries the fire over to Lichford and the entire town is destroyed. In the Summer of 1932, a researcher from the Miskatonic University investigates the ruins of Lichford only to find that there is something unnatural hiding in the shadows of the crumbled walls. As he decides to leave the haunted site, he comes upon a tattered, scorched diary at the base of an abandoned mill…

"Basement" is an album of dark wave music / ambient focused around variations on the theme music CD. With each song, the melodies are less obvious, and tons of songs becomes much darker and more abstract. In a varied but coherent way, each fragment of the story is narrated in a separate track, with a climax. Recalls radio play based on a short horror film.

Guest vocals were provided by Ann-Mari Thim (Arcana)), Melissa Ferlaak, Zuberoa Aznarez and Sven Houflijn.

Layout made by Venenum Photography, and the development of music (mastering) by Philippe Lombaert.


"Basement" tells the fictional story of Lichford, a small town in New England. The action takes place in the 20s of last century. Since the sinister man, Horace Pinkerton, lived on the old estate Mound, began to happen strange things. Unusual lights, ghostly sounds, mysterious moves ... Lichford Residents are terrified. And yes, the evening of 21 October 1924, the town decided to begin an investigation. Haunted house just Pinkerton is to discover the terrifying abominations that the man was hiding in recent years. Although nowhere to be found Horace'go, one of the residents is his diary, which holds many forbidden knowledge gathered by the author. Horrified by what they found, people will light their torches and burn completely residential. Unfortunately, while the flames wczepiały in the night sky, a storm approaching from the East until the fire spreads Lichford and the whole town is destroyed.

summer of 1932, a scientist at the University of Miskatonic Lichford examine the ruins and discovers that hiding something unnatural in the recesses of the crumbling walls of the town. As soon as the researcher decides to leave the haunted place, at the foot of an abandoned mill runs into the scorched and tattered diary ...

VoidWork - "Basement" CD 2011 Rage In Eden Records

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