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Pima Cotton, a Pima cotton sweater from Spring

Regarded as the best Pima cotton in the world comes from the coasts of Peru and the oldest traces of back time around 3000 BC With time, the cultivation of cotton spread in South America, in the era of Columbus reached the West Indies. Very quickly became the main product cultivated by slaves on plantations and in the second half of the seventeenth century, Barbados was the first British colony of exporting cotton.
Around 1786 years cotton production moved to the islands along the Atlantic coast in the states of Georgia and South Carolina .. With time, these areas came under cultivation of different species of cotton Gossypium hirsutum American , which is today 95 percent of the cotton crop in the United States. The remaining 5 percent - Pima cotton, known as SupimÄ…, grown mainly in California.
name honors cotton Pima Indians, who in the early twentieth century, helped lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture experimental farm in Sacaton, Arizona.
Pima Cotton is categorized as an ELS cotton, or Extra Long Staple, and so long-fiber cotton. Moreover, it is soft, silky, strong and resistant to pilling. Currently, cotton is grown in Peru, just as for centuries, mainly in the valleys of Piura and Chira. On many plantations cotton is still harvested by hand.
Alpaca Pima cotton
Pure Pima cotton
Many sweaters, tops and other products from Pima cotton is on the following page:


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