Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Rug Acrylic ended

ended soft blanket of white acrylic cream, which began here
robot is very simple, but first of włóczce. On the rug (Scarf) with dimensions 82 cm x 118 cm acrylic, you need 40 grams of the normal thickness, such as sweaters. Wires - 5mm.
are gaining on the 180 mesh wire and do rice namely:
1 row: right, left, and repeat until the end of
2 government: over each eye, right eye we left, and on the left - right.
In subsequent rows the same, and so it is always above the right eye we left, on the left - right. And that's the whole philosophy of the rug.
Upon reaching about 120 cm long scarf, and after all the mesh, acrylic, cut to 30 cm pieces and put in bundles with 4 noodles, making tassels at any distance from each other. How do I do not know how to go about here is the whole technique described inches.


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