Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donation Letter Church

spring sweater with acrylic

on this sweater came out 30 grams of acrylic probably called "Cat", but do not give head. Front consists of two models: openwork and classical, sheer tail. Life-giving element are red, hand-made many years ago, buttons.
entire back of the sweater - a recurring theme a┼╝uru.

Puller 1 right - 1 left, finishing at neck and cuffs made of the same righteous eyelets on one side and the other side (stitch French).
Here's openwork design pattern with a width of 11 mesh:
The diagram shows only the odd rows from 1 to 9, so a full recital is 11 meshes wide and 10 rows high.
Key to Figure
Red - right eye.
Black - left eye
Green - Overhead
BLUE - double drag (take off two stitches together at the right, one place we process the right and drag by two stitches removed.) In this way, the three mesh gets an eye.


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