Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Much Cloth For A Anarkali Suit

Mohery are produced from angora goats, which come from Tibet, in the sixteenth century reached Turkey. Woven fabrics of mohair were known in England as early as the eighth century, but the raw mohair was first exported from Turkey to England in 1820. Since then, the British quickly developed the production of wool and factories of Yorkshire mohair yarns spun sent to Russia, Germany, Austria and other European countries. Until the mid-nineteenth century, province of Ankara in Turkey was the sole and exclusive breeder of Angora goats.
In 1838 Angora goats from Turkey were transported by ship to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. It is true that Turks castrated bucks to protect its monopoly in these animals, but by accident it became one of the females are pregnant and gave birth during the journey still small, handsome masculine child. He was transporting goats a retired British Colonel John Henderson, who retired decided to take up farming. This idea has brought positive results so that from the first origin of all farmed animals today in the South African Angora goats. Here they found excellent conditions for development and farming, especially in the eastern regions of Eastern Cape (including the Camdeboo area inhabited by the Bushmen).
In 1849, angora goats, went to the U.S., where today are raised in Texas, in the years 1856-75do Australia and then to New Zealand.
angora goats are usually shorn twice a year: spring and autumn. Each of them offers from 3 to 5 kg of raw wool.
Currently, the main major producer in the world is South Africa, which has 850,000 angora goats, which produce annually 3,600 tons of mohair (data from 2005) . All the wool from South Africa and Lesotho is imported to Port Elizabeth, where it is washed, combed and sorted and put up for auction.

second place in the production of mohair deal with the United States (in Texas grows up 200 thousand. Goats Angora) - 13 percent. world production, Lesotho - 10 per cent., Turkey and Argentina - to 5 percent., Australia - 3 percent. and New Zealand - 2 percent. Also produces small quantities of Zimbawe and Mexico.
"golden" period in the production of mohair were 80s the last century, when South Africa produced around 12 thousand. wool. Then gradually decreased demand and now in this country is produced 54 percent of world production, which is 3.5-4 thousand. tons. Nearly 95 percent of South African mohair is exported to Europe, America and the Far East in the form of raw or semi-processed.
Shawl moherowy
Mohair is durable, soft, glossy. It is often combined with wool sheep for example. In Italy and Japan added 20 percent. mohair for luxury clothing. Diameter of the fiber during the first shearing koźlątek (the kid mohair) is 1924-1928 microns (micron = 1 / 1000 millimeter), after the first year - from 1929 to 1930 microns, and in adults is usually around 36 microns.


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