Sunday, March 27, 2011

Static Electricty Blankets

Europeans in disbelief watching the jacket of woven fibers of a lotus. Meanwhile, for the people of Myanmar (Burma) is not at all surprising, because for centuries of such fibers used for making the country's rare and expensive fabrics.
Lotus Myanmar
Preparation for spinning of the stems of the lotus is a very time-consuming task, requiring much skill. However, the Burmese people do it with great ease, making this extraordinary flower's thin, which color the beautiful colors .

All colors lotusu
And blue
But here the thread of the lotus on looms

Such a trace, the representatives went to Loro Piana Italian company specializing in products and best cashmere wool, holding around 140 luxury stores worldwide. Looking for an alternative to traditional fibers, they went on a trip to Myanmar, where he discovered not only the beauty of Asian flowers, but also the possibility of creating a new fabric, ideal for men's jackets and other luxury products.

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In Myanmar, Loro Piana learned the meter to weave the fabric, the need for 32,000 stems of the lotus. The inhabitants of this country are professionals from the fibers of the lotus, because for centuries they produce their products from the lotus cloth for the highest-ranking Buddhist monks.


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